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the city. >> the d.c. board of election victim a petition that was signed him and he qualified to run. it will include four council members. he was asked repeatedly why he waited so long to announce his intentions. he is referring to the federal investigation that alleges that a campaign helped elect him in 2010. for people associated with the campaign like guilty to felonies. they wasted no time reacting. he said, he was elected under alse pretenses and deserves second chance because he ran a co-opted campaign. before leaving, mayor gray said that a strong record of three years of progress should count for a lot on election day. andhere is fiscal stability economic development. look at the education and the way people are getting back to work. >> i think it is interesting for him to say that considering the fact that he has been in battled on the first day that he -- em battled from the first day that he took office. he will appear on the april 1 democratic reimer a ballot. this is the first public campaign event that is expected in january. >> thank you very much. lower temperatures
and snow. three inches of snow from oklahoma city to st. louis. snow begins tonight and lasts through friday and also looking for significant ice including little rock, dallas especially the morning commute on friday will be dangerous. also widespread power outages. back to you. >>> accu-weather also saying it has never ever gotten this cold in central valley parts of california where so much citrus is growing and it's going to dip below zero again in fresno and las vegas. have you ever heard of las vegas getting that cold? >> that is horrible. not so cold that it will potentially kill the fruit, the crop this year. the last time it was cold in the '90s, not even this cold it was killing citrus trees themselves. the tree dies, not just the fruit on the tree. that's how crazy cold it is. >> it goes deep. my goodness. >>> here's a look at the rest of the thursday forecast. freezing rain and sleet in parts of northern new england. scattered showers from northern virginia to the southern appalachians. mix of rain and snow for new mexico and the southeast arizona. >> 40s and 50s in the des
my life to the city. >> rate who yesterday picked up his petitions to make the run, joins six other declared candidates. at least one council member, tommy wells. >> there is an illegal campaign that helped the mayor get elected. we know the fallout is still going on. >> gray, who has not been charged, bristled on being at -- cooperating with federal authorities. >> i have said what i am going to say about this. 20 10 is getting ready to be four years ago. good, a positive man. >> we found more opposition today. >> it was filled with scandal and implications of scandal. >> it would be amusing if he ran and got elected and went to jail. is i think he is a crook and he is under investigation. >> the mayor who frequently banters with reporters, seemed to just want to get out of there. his security blocked reporters from getting on the elevator with him. of voters, thewn attitude of opponents like wells, gray can expect more days like this. the question, can he take it? >> thanks. d.c.t 6:00 p.m., the council has given parliamentary approval to raising the cities minimum-wage. the vote
. three members of city council and to others. i asked him if he will be joining them in the forms and he and he hasthe forums not decided whether that will happen. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> thank you for that. millions of people across the metro area will likely have to pay more to get from point a to point b in the near future. this budget proposal that would charge more to ride the trains and buses, and even to part at the stations. proposal isto this hermetic. some people, especially low-wage earners who rely -- is dramatic. some people, especially low-wage earners who rely on public transport are upset. some say they are willing to pay more if it improves service. increase,e, it a fare even a small one, adds up. >> oh, my god. it's not ok. theetro wants to increase fare three percent, bringing the regular fare to three dollars. most bus passengers will or $.15 under this proposal. right now, a metro smart trip -- and it is going up to 165. -- is 100 -- $1.60 and is expected to go up to $1.65. >> by the time you add on the parking fees to the c
called for help this morning and that is when city officers were sent to the home. withwere inside the house a man and woman for about 40 officersnd then, called out over their radios that one of them had fired his weapon at the woman. this point, we know that a lady inside the house produced a knife. out of surgery and is in stable condition. >> they say they are glad the neighbor is live but expressed mental and anger that a health crisis was handled by police with such violence. >> it makes me feel like we are in a police state. afford soow we can many police officers. a spokesperson for the hyattsville city police as their investigation is ongoing. the officer involved has been placed on routine leave, which is the norm after shootings like this. thisne showed up afternoon, a relative of the man involved. the woman was shot in the chest but she is in stable condition. d.c. police have identified the man killed in a shootout. a police officer was wounded last night in the shooting on queen street northeast. investigators say when officers with the department was gotten recovery
-night investigation after a nightmare. early morning train derailment here in new york city. >> it was like a movie scene. >> seven passenger train cars careening off the tracks, two toppling on their sides killing four people, hurting more than 60 others. >> the next thing i know, two people from across the train come flying at me and fell on top of me. >> the metro north express train left hook itsy, new york from -- four manhattan's grand central terminal. the train was running a curve in the bronx and somehow derailed. investigators now looking into unconfirmed reports the train may have been speeding. that theerified claims conductor tried to hit the brakes but they failed. >> our mission is to understand not just what happened that why it happened. train's remaining here until the ntsb has finished inspecting each car where two men and two women lost their lives. in yourber them prayers tonight. it is most unfortunate that this comes during the holiday season. it is a reminder to all of us that life is a precious gift. >> officials believe everyone has been accounted for but investigators are
of the hired live right here in the district of columbia. but not everyone in the city is happy to see the rollout of the largest retailer in the nation. >> they always drive small businesses out of business. basically, it is bombing the retail landscape in the city. change over 65 years here. she says she welcomes walmart. new at noon, walmart stepping in after thieves ripped off the salvation army in bc they donated $15,000 to replace weekend.len over the on sunday, crooks broke in to the community center in southeast. days of redeveral kettle donations. police are still looking for the thieves. new at noon, dozens of animal remains determined to belong to wildlife, not pets. county investigators initially thought one of the animals was a dog. now they say that is not true. the animal services department says the case is closed and no cruelty charges will be filed. of nelson mandela says he is putting up a courageous fight, but he is not doing too well. his daughter said that even from teachingmandela is them lessons in patience, love, and tolerance. he is 95 years old. he was releas
in rapid city, 15 degrees below zero at great falls, nine degrees below and this is going to the south. the cold air is coming slowly and steadily overnight. this is just ahead of the cold front. it looks to us like the heaviest rain will be tomorrow night. but you won't have to go farther west. it may be hard to make all of these out. there are a lot of dark purple areas under the threat of an ice storm. we will clear out of this on saturday. temperatures fall into the 40s. and a new surge of moisture will come onto the jetstream. sunday looks to be very tough. drizzle,ome patches of and we zoom in on the satellite radar. indication of patches of rain, this kind of breaks up, slowly with falling temperatures. that is where everything starts to change. we have the most steady and heavy rain coming in and it will be frozen, clearing out very quickly with a few snowflakes early in the morning. tomorrow is a transitional day, starting with rain, and then we have more on what comes this way, with mild temperatures. andave them for tomorrow monday. in between is going to be cold, the front
to six inches of snow from oklahoma city into st. louis, starting tonight. ice for little rock and dallas. john and diana, back to you. >> jim, thank you. >>> stay with abc news for the latest on this cold snap. "gma" will have team coverage. a look at what's happening out there and what is still to come. >>> investigators in mexico have recovered a stolen truck loaded with dangerous radioactive materials. but they warn those thieves may be in grave dangers themselves. mexican troops are standing on guard of that recovered truck around the clock until the experts can safely dispose of a hazardous cobalt 60. >> this is material that could be used if used properly, in a very dangerous dirty bomb. they need to know how to handle the material without giving themselves incapacitating doses of radiation. >> it appears the thieves may have done that. investigators believe they cracked open the device and removed some of the cobalt 60. they could be at risk of dying within another day or two. >>> connecticut state officials have lost their long legal battle to keep those painful 911 calls from la
city borough of the bronx. >> our mission is to understand not just what happened, but why it happened. >> investigators are from the d.c.-based national transportation safety board. they caught a flight from reagan national to go to the scene. the derailment left two men and two women dead and more than 60 injured. the seven-carf train, almost went up in the harlem river. service between new york city and albany was shut down until this afternoon causing ripple effect on other lines including one that goes to union station. tonight, most trains to d.c. were on time or close to it. >> it was actually kind of easy. >> considering the derailment happened on a busy travel day with many headed home after thanksgiving, one woman says her half-hour delay wasn't bad. >> it was like a movie scene. >> injured passenger ryan kelly says he was asleep on the train when it jumped the tracks. >> by the time i realized what was going on, everyone was getting thrown around. this was the second derailment in six months on the metro-north commuter rail line which is run by new york's metropolitan transi
are investigating a suspicious death at kansas city's arrowhead stadium. a man was found in a car that belonged to another person. that led to an altercation, and the man was found on the ground not breathing. the man's cause of death is not clear. >> it was the story that had everyone excited this weekend. after 100 days of just being called, the cub, mei xiang's cub officially has a name. >> people voted from all over the country and he is officially named bao bao. we have the story. >> the festive grow sunday night during. >> zoo lights in washington. was over shadowed earlier in the day by a small, furry creature native to china. sunday afternoon, u.s. and chinese dignitaries announced bao bao as the fame of the zoo's female giant panda cub, daughter to mei xiang. last month, online voters picked from five nameing more than 120,000 votes poured in with bao bao comes out on top. the maim in mandarin means percent or treasure. >> i like the name boo boo. kind of sounds cute and cuddly. >> they could not be giddier about the progress they've tracked on a panda cam since her rare, in captivity
and make it safer. in the middle of a city wide budget crisis, she had just a few months to save it from being closed. she is always on edge. especially at lunch time as the entire school is in one room. >> i know that if they outnumber me, i don't know if i have enough manpower to bring them down. >> suddenly a fight between two girls, buzz one spit on the other the day before. rushing in to break it up. >> take a deep breath. take a deep breath. >> by wait, during the may hem, one of the students steps in to protect me. >> we want to protect diane. >> reinforcing the need for strict order. so principal wayman was doing something never done before, enforcing a dress code. and it is not about grooming, but safety. no group because groups can be used be a and no hoodies. >> you can't identify anyone walking through cameras. >> she made sure security cameras were fixtures all over the school. >> 94. >> 94 cameras here and we need more. we always have to outthink them. because they are trying to outthink us. >> principal wayman had to worry not just about the student safety but her own. a s
. thousands of minimum-wage employees in hundreds of cities around the country are not working today. -- thee protesting protests at this broadway mcdonald's started before dawn. withyees marched out demands an hour before lunch time. the iconic obama posters have been changed from hope to help. they are wearing santa hats and jingle bells, but it is a union to moveational movement them from $7.25 an hour to more than double to nearly $15. the fast food industry warns if you raise the minimum wage, you create fewer jobs and raise the prices of meals by as much as 20%. perhaps fueling this one-day strike and demonstrations is the fact that president obama has expressed support in the past couple of days for the movement that has drawn nearly 50,000 signatures on an online petition to secure the right to unionize. this woman says, we have to pay extensive rent, food, and metro. $10 after 11 years, it's just not enough. >> back here live, a typical fast food employee makes just $19,000 a year. some of these folks say they are willing to get arrested to get the point across. right now, they are o
already begun making new appointment, despite the city council threat to limit his power. ntsb investigators say the training new york was going 82 miles per hour before derailed sunday morning. track is 70that miles per hour before it quickly drops to 30 miles per hour around the curve. it killed four people and injured dozens more. >> is this human error or faulty equipment? no answers at this point in time. we cannot tell. we can say here is what happened. >> investigators say a train -- the train's engineer who was injured in the crash is cooperating. are nows of commuters taking buses to get around derailment. >> crash investigators in scotland said there was no distress call from a police helicopter before it went down. the chopper slammed into a glass go public on friday night. nine people, including three on the helicopter, died. the body of the final victim was pulled from the pub today. the lead investigator said the chopper did not have a flight data recorder. back here at home, a montgomery county teacher has pleaded guilty to four counts of second- degree assault,
morning, the city plans to deploy more than 200 snowplows. track thisted as we winter storm. we will post updates to our social media pages and be sure watchnload our weather application. doug has another check coming up in just a few minutes. sayouth africa preparing to farewell to nelson mandela. the white house announcing that president obama and michelle obama will travel there next week to attend the memorial. >> on sunday, they will mark a national day of prayer and reflection. his memorial service will be held tuesday in johannesburg. tonight, we are hearing from the former u.s. ambassador south africa. south special memories of africa. >> kimberly suiters is live at the embassy with more. >> all day, people have been braving the elements to the tributes here to the statue of nelson mandela at the embassy. for them, the losses doubly painful. great leaders. >> the only u.s. ambassador to present his credentials to nelson mandela. >> to hear him say in his own sod of humor that it seemed slow now. he was in for 27 years and they grew up knowing who he was without ever having seen hi
real estate, making deliveries, policing cities and watching the border. it could be chaos in the skies. case in point, this unauthorized drone flight over new york city skyscrapers stayed up for less than three minutes before crunching into the city sidewalk. these drones fly only 20 to 45 minutes. gps can get blocked in urban areas. its hard for drones to avoid moving objects like cars or people on landing, and they are difficult for other aircraft to see. at purdue university today, they are developing just the kind of drones that would fit the amazon scenario. >> we've crashed the first three times we took off. >> reporter: sometimes its as simple as drifting off course which could mean your gift delivery goes to your neighbor's house. even then who is going to ring the doorbell? jim avila, abc news, washington. >>> notes from overseize tonight, in the ukraine, 7,000 people took to the streets of kiev. tonight the negotiations with europe appear to be back on again. >>> the constantly surprising pope francis added one more detail to his profile as the people's pope. while chatting a
that was stolen on its way from tijuana to a radioactive waste storage facility not far from mexico city. on monday at 2:00 a.m., two armed men confronted the drivers at a remote gas station. the gunmen then took off with the truck and its cargo. authorities don't know who they are or if they even knew the radioactive material was on board. >> you could get a lethal dose in just a few minutes from being exposed to this source. >> reporter: u.s. officials have been long worried that stolen radioactive material could be used to make a so-called dirty bomb. the material in the stolen truck, combined with a conventional explosive, could -- >> this is material that could be used, if used properly, in a very dangerous dirty bomb. they need to know how to handle the material without giving them incapacitating doses. >> reporter: part of the reason why there are radio detention devices at the border. large drive through scanners and portable scanners worn by customs officials. according to a study, half a billion tons of radioactive materials are transported in the u.s. each year, the overwhelmi
at the intersection heading into the city will not reopen until some time this evening. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> well, thank you very much, john. looking at not only benning road but in addition to our problems there, we have a crash out of bounds new york avenue. luckily for folks heading into work today, this crash is on the out of bounds side of new york avenue and not affecting the inbound lanes. the best bet to avoid the situation and benning road, go inbound new york avenue and i will get into town much more easily there. moving to 270, you will tape delays open and running very well there. no reported problems on 270. however, the water main break on gold kettle drive is going to affect diamond back drive and that runs between muddy gray branch road and great seneca highway. use that to sam ig and then south to 270. autria, brad, back to you. >> food trucks in d.c. will have to start parking in assigned spots. >> this is all part of a lottery. we understand some food truck owners not happy about this. >> yeah, this is a big issue that came up a couple months ago. the direct
with killed, dozens injured when a train derail near new york city. >>> health scare aboard a plane. everyone on board at risk for a potentially deadly disease. >>> it's cyber monday. we'll show you which sites are offering the best bargains. >>> and this could be the way your holiday gifts arrive in the not so distant future. who wants to do it and when could it become a reality? >>> good monday morning. crews worked through the night at the scene of the deadly derailment here in new york. >> the so called black boxes have been recovered. they're looking at whether speed or faulty brax could have caused that accident. >> those train cars still on the train track this morning. >> reporter: a train is is being brought in to remove the derailed train cars on the tracks this morning. ntsb investigators are expected to be here for a week to ten days. this morning, a search for answers. four people were killed, more than 60 hurt. >> it was like a movie scene. >> reporter: overnight, investigators recovered the black boxes from the mangled metro train in good condition. >> our mission is to underst
and rebound on the bill that would raise the cities minimum wage. community groups rallied outside the building this morning. they are supporting a bill that would raise the min voice to $11.50 an hour. mayor vincent gray once the minimum wage to be still higher than -- no higher than $10 an hour, but the bill has enough support to override a potential veto papers we have become a city and a country that has and has not. we want to raise money for people to have food and the cost of living. more money for their children. >> neighboring montgomery and richard county have already approved their own minimum wage hike. >> it just minutes ago we learned that a water main break in arlington did not cause a second one. that is the word from arlington environmental officials. they said that the first water and break -- main break happened in arlington, and then a second one first on street -- munro street. >> they have some decent weather out there as they try to clean up all the remaining issues from those water main breaks. taking a live look outside right now. jacqui jeras here with the
are met. there are other potential host cities, including boston, los angeles, philadelphia, and san francisco. warm temperatures will get even better tomorrow. it is hard to believe that it is december. doug hill, what to expect tomorrow? >> thursday should be a warm day. but it is only temporary. let's get this started. in the 40's and 30 posturing now. 39 in bethesda. 44 in northwest washington. we have a combination of cloud temperatures have not dropped very much. 35 degrees in bethesda. it will turn warmer soon. wethe end of the workweek may see a cold front. we're still on track for that. more details coming up. >> thank you. loose for navyt yard employees and their families. recognize him. they performed at constitution hall. the concert was a way to boost morale. they are up to community heal from the navy yard tragedy. who served ine the navy during world war ii. how about the special event at the museum tonight with actor will ferrell who talked with fans about his wildly popular movie opening in just a couple of weeks. it is a sequel. it it is anchorman 2. he is talking a
, america. "nightline" is back in just 60 >>> from new york city, this is "nightline" with cynthia mcfadden. >>> and good evening. jessica alba may have starred in many movies, but for this wife and mother, her most important role could be something entirely different. alba is on a crew said to eliminate toxic chemicals in our homes. does mommy know best? here's abbey. >> reporter: this is the jessica alba most of us are not used to seeing. >> this is our customer service. >> reporter: giving us a tour of her company. >> inspiring clothes, whatever's on someone's mind. >> i'd love to hang -- >> reporter: the actress famous for roles in dark angel -- sin city -- >> she grew up, filled out. >> reporter: and the fantastic four is taking on her most serious role yet, warning moms about what she says are the dangers of toxic chemicals in every products he use. >> addresses all those. >> i had an allergic reaction to a baby laundry detergent. >> reporter: she became concern when had she was pregnant. >> i'm an adult, who knows what's going to happen with my baby. i did research and found out ther
that only three of the city's ladder trucks were certified and the department had no money in the fy 2013 budget for new fire equipment. >> i cannot ignore the fact that no capital dollars were requested to see that you had the trucks and ambulances you needed this year's budget. >> the chief insisted the problems were all on him. >> i am responsible. when it comes time to share the credit, there are a lot of people behind the scenes that help make things go. when it comes to be responsible for what doesn't go well, that is my responsibility. hise testified that in view, the tee -- the d.c. fire department has been roped in for the last 15 years. reporting live from the john ford, abc 7ing, sam news. >> one month after virginia's election, one race has left the ballot box and gone to the courtroom. after the votes were counted, democrat mark haring led by less than 200. now, the recount begins. the northern virginia chief is in richmond with that story. >> the statewide recount will begin on december 17 in all districts across the state accept for fairfax -- except for fairfax county whic
, run by the city's department of parks and recreation, needs to be safe for all. >> it is very important for the government to do everything it can to protect young women from predators. >> law enforcement sources were not ready to say if the two men suspected in the earlier case involving the 20 three rd woman asked the 23-year-old woman are the same suspects being looked for these allegations. the case is ongoing. if you have any information or feel that your child has been victimized, call the district police. jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. fairfax county police are investigating whether racing played a role in a deadly crash in springfield. witnesses told officers a convertible driven by a 30-year- old seem to be racing and infiniti late last night when blaine lost control of his car on the franconia springfield parkway. an embankment and three before rolling over and coming to rest on the parkway. blaine died at the hospital. the search continues for the driver of the infiniti. the police say that speed was a factor, but it is not known if alcohol was a factor. >> a teacher
in a new york city suburb, as an out-of-control car came slamming into the store. shoppers had to run for cover after the car plowed through the store front. one person was pinned under the wheel. 14 others were injured as shattered glass filled the store. an elderly woman lost control of that vehicle before the crash. so far, no charges have been filed. >>> and in mexico, six men who checked into a hospital for possible radiation exemployee sure have been released. all of them had complained of skin irritations and dizziness. only one had nausea, a sign of possible radiation poisoning. the six are suspected of being the thieves who stole the truck carrying cobalt 60 that happened earlier this week. >>> and federal charges expected to be filed against the hunter accused of sparking that massive fire in yosemite national park that occurred last summer. the rim fire destroyed 11 homes, injured 10 people and scorched more than 1,200-square miles of land. officials have failed to identify that hunter. >>> and washington, d.c. got a little bit brighter as president obama threw the switch,
the district, alexandria, the incorporated cities, and issa to include anne arundel -- and east to include anne arundel county. we will make the magic jump from 30 to up to 33 sooner. that is our concern, especially knowing the next batch of rain on the radar is probably spreading rain. reagan national, 31. 28 at washington dulles. 32 degrees in annapolis. it is still very cold and we are watching closely the rain and freezing rain moving east of the metro area. there is a break, but not that much of a break. just a matter of a few hours as we look to the south and west. all of that is cleared out. southwest of roanoke, bristol. to be sleet or snow. it will be all rain in our area. it becomes critical, the temperatures. remaining below freezing. it will be quite a bit of our area. inch of ice0 of an accumulation will happen. exposed surfaces could see a little but more than that. up to a quarter inch. there could be very severe consequences impact-winds from the ice. north and west of the city. trees and power lines coming down certainly a possibility. dangerous driving conditions. it will chan
for the kansas city chiefs fell down. the pass was high and that is the way things went for the redskins as well. this.t quite a day. 74 yards for a touchdown. , the redskins did not show up in the first half. untouched. 95 yards the redskins lose 45-10. mike shanahan puts this loss on his shoulders. >> [indiscernible] >> all we can do is keep working. i'm not going to tell you that it is something easy to do. i understand the fans frustrations. the ravens and vikings, all of the action was at the end of the game. end.un at the there we go. 10 seconds left. joe flacco, touchdown. room.t have much the ravens win 29-26. washington.orge a bit of separation, just before the buzzer. george washington beats maryland , 77-75. george mason also in action. 66.on loses 81- >> a great night last night. >> let's take another look outside. a live look at fedex field. >> pictures from arlington outside our studio. when i was making my way into work, it was rain. over.oes not mean it is >> when do we expect to get the next round of precipitation? >> probably 10:00. if the rain gets heavier, it will bring warme
services were held for the pastor killed in a church fire in ocean city. he died last month after a fire broke out at st. paul's i the cvs gopal church. investigators determined the fire started when john sterner doused himself in gasoline and lit his clothes on fire and ran into the church. sterner died at the scene. his death was caused -- ruled a suicide. one suspect in custody following a police chase in montgomery county. chase started after police received a call about suspicious activity. a vehicle refused to stop at police and the suspect got out of his vehicle at royal dominion drive and try to run away. he has not been identified at this time but he faces charges for stolen tags and possible felony theft for stealing copper. >> a montgomery county business owner said she is thinking of closing some of her stores after three women attacked her using a baby. take a look at this. it happened in september at a beauty supply shop in gaithersburg. the woman tried to steal more hair weaveslars in and wigs and they attacked the owner using that stroller with the baby inside. you can se
. >>> and now, to detroit, where the judge who approved the city's entrance into bankruptcy is calling that move an opportunity for a fresh start. the motor city now mustard its $18 billion debt. the judge's decision was opposed by the city's unions, pension funds and retirees who claim that the mindful of that, the judge says he will not sign off on just any proposed cut. >>> the nation's capital is a little brighter for the rest of the year after getting an annual touch of holiday glitz. >> house speaker john boehner flipping the switch on the capitol christmas tree. it's a spruce, adorned by ornaments made by kids across the country. >>> which state curses the most? the results are in. >> interesting. >>> plus, a california ceo and his family vanished. the frantic search for their plane after it seemed to disappear from the skies. >>> and what billy joel is planning to do every month to delight his fans. mmemmee >>> stock market momentum seems to be fading as all major averages have taken a beating this week. the dow opens lower this morning for a third day in a row. the s&p 500 and n
for the cause of a deadly commuter train derailment in new york city. four people died and dozens were hurt when the train flew off of its tracks while rounding a curve. we have more details in just a moment. >>> black ice blamed for nearly 70 vehicles skidding out of control and crashing in to each other in massachusetts. the chain-reaction pileup left dozens of people injured. >>> phase two of the holiday shopping push kicks off with cybermonday. they predict americans will spend $2 billion on-line. by tonight, americans will have spent an estimated $57 billion this weekend. >>> as cybermonday begins we learn that amazon is looking in to deliveries but drone but the retail drone strikes are two to three years away. those are some of our top stories on this monday. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> i don't know. package deliveries by drone. >> you are all about cybermonday. you are going to do all of your christmas shopping today. >> i'm all about not leaving my sweat pants and tv room. >> like most men, although there were a lot of guys
ined oklahoma city. the camel was named southie. he looks excited. >> lookout you she is -- look how cute she is! nothing is eating the a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the lo event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. >> a final look at the weather. >> it is crazy. mid-60s tonight. it will be a wintry mix on sunday. it will be a wintry mix on sunday. willyou won't take my life. you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron isorking to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪ it gets more and more ente
in america for the first time, an eight city tour starting in new york. it was magic. it was as if malcolm or martin were still alive and the nets had won all in one day. >> nelson mandela was able to achieve, demonstrated what in fact can occur. >> one american who like mandela knows the high price of equality, congressman john lewis. >> if nelson mandela can do it we can do it. >> the movie about mandela's life premiered in london. those who attended didn't know mandela had died until after. >> the anti-apartheid protests of the 80s captivated new audiences. >> the ongoing violence there in township townships, he took the story of one man to help america better understand the struggle of one nation. mandela reminded the world reconciliation was more powerful than revenge. forgiveness is a gift to be given. >> i said didn't you hate the people when they let you go? he said briefly i did. but i said to myself they have had you 27 years. if you hate them when you get through that door they will still have you. >> if you can proceed through life with just a portion of nelson mandela's humili
conditions are deemed unsafe. >> thank you. >>> in oklahoma city, conditions are so dangerous people are urged to stay home today unless it is absolutely necessary to go sglouds our coverage is continuing at accu-weather with meteorologist jim dickey has dire predictions. good morning, jim. >> good morning, john and diana. we continue to deal with extreme cold here in the midwest, northern plains and rockies. these are early morning examines, not windchill values. minus four minneapolis. minus 15 pierre, minus 12 in denver. last night denver fell to minus 15 that died the record for the day. as it moves south and east relative warmth. as the two collide seeing heavy rain, snow and in the middle freezing rain. we have a layer of warmth in the middle of the atmosphere. snow comes in to that. memts at the surface and falls to ice, encasing roadways and trees. it could be days before power is restored. back to you. >> thank you. >>> here's a look at the rest of the weather. a wintry mix for the northeast. clear and mild in southern georgia and florida. sunny across the southwest but the
academy. below zero in rapid city. five below in minneapolis. it is moving from the south and then to the east. the pressure change because of a lot of things happening in the avenue is there. high-pressure and a couple of low pressure areas are coming in. it is still 70 degrees in raleigh. that is crazy. the front has passed through the metro area. we will get some clear air and some sunshine tomorrow. we have some advisories and some watches to talk about. there is a new storm watch. are concernedes with some of the icy snow falling now and have been you. out west.e clearing there are thousands of square miles of when chilled advisories. same areas. it will be to warm up by a few degrees. those areas will get all rain. but everybody else could get snow, sleet, or freezing rain. mostly cloudy in the morning. temperatures in the 30's. cold air. dry air. in the afternoon it will clear out here it temperatures will -- clear out. temperatures will tank. and the blue is some areas of rain in the southeast. there are some warmer temperatures. and some of that could turn to slee
plans to deploy more than 200 plows throughout the city tomorrow morning. officials say they will assign equipment and staff as needed. the weather has forced metro to cancel all track work tomorrow. trains will run on a normal schedule. it allows employees to focus on preparing additional resources for a monday morning commute which could be rough. stay here connected to abc seven and anycan get weather updates time by downloading our app or going to our facebook age. steve will have another look at the were cast and timeline in a few moments. the family of nelson mandela has released their first eight -- the firste statement in the death. his spirit lives on. you can see that today in many places. africa, a day every flesh of his plan to honor his life. on memorial will be held tuesday. as the world remembers nelson mandela, we will have extensive coverage. leon harris and scott thuman are traveling to johannesburg tonight. they will have live report starting on monday. solemn ceremonies took place in hawaii in arlington national cemetery to celebrate the attack pearl harbor.
power to hundreds of thousands and made driving dangerous. from oklahoma city even with the plows out they were slick enough to flip this suv into a ditch to fayette note, arkansas, where they were slipping and sliding. more than one inch of ice accumulated as they predict this could be the worst ice storms cents 2009. some are already calling it ice friday and it's made a big mess in texas. >> we just started going sideways. >> we jackknifed and i don't know how i'm going to get out of here. knowct the travelers here that. many sleeping at dfw as this canceled like nationally making getting back to dallas from d.c. pretty challenging. 11:00 thand to go at 3:00. they rescheduled me to go out at 4:00 but i got here at a found out it was actually 4:00 tomorrow. under winter storm warnings and advisory. in montana it felt that a bone chilling -40 degrees and even california are seeing plunging temperatures and these exotic animals especially the rhinos are running for their indoor heated shelters in santa rosa. >> they especially do not like the rain. >> they are smart enough to get out
the sun and who is not. to the south in places like fredericksburg and ocean city are making it into the 50s right now. hello, december. we start out the month with an average height of 52 degrees. our average low is 37, down to 29 before the end. we usually get our measurable snowfall, two point three inches on average. we had 15 inches of snow fall grade more on my blog at the area of lowm. an pressure developing off the coast. that is why we are so cloudy. across the country to the northern rockies, this will be a major storm system heading across the gall -- heading across the gulf coast state and could make its way across the east coast and could impact our weather by late in the weekend. as for us today, it's going to be a bit of cloud cover with temperatures around 50 degrees. if we hit 50, it will be the first time we've done that in a week. mostly cloudy skies. 39 degrees. we may even top it by a couple of degrees as we get into the lower 50s. the warming trend will continue and then showers coming tonight and i think we will line down early on saturday and this will
new york city this is "night line". >> paul walker was at the center of the $2 billion franchise that sent him on the fast track to fame. he lived vicariously through his daredevil stunts now hitting too close to home. we have the latest details on the charity event this weekend where things took a turn for the tragic. >> reporter: those blue eyes, that smile, that lead foot. for paul walker it was a recipe for hollywood success. he rose to fame in the fast and furious block busters, those street racing epics, six movies in all that earned urine vestal studios over $2 billion worldwide but now this is his hollywood ending. a fiery crash that killed the 40-year-old actor and his friend. the red porsche so mangled that it was unrecognizable. calling into the question the fate of the latest movie that he was filming. walker didn't just play a fast car junkie he was a self-described adrenaline junky off screen, too. and then a love of cars. >> just under 200. i did 197. i haven't broken 200 yet. >> are you going to try? >> i'll do it. it's the right car. everything i have are cars th
effectively eliminates the district from contention. city leaders want the fbi to hoovere from the j edgar building to poplar point. the administration said the fbi headquarters must be within two and half miles of the beltway, two miles of a metro stop, and have at least 50 acres. poplar point meets the first two criteria, but not the third. >> get ready for change? with is coming in batches, the first being the cold front tomorrow with the rain following. it will be cold saturday, and sunday, ice and snow. the temperatures right now, they walk in the park compared with most of the country right now. still in the 60s, 64 manassas, 63 in the nation's capital. will the scoreboard, it briefly reached 69 at reagan national, going into the books as washington's official high, 49 degrees the morning low. high 12 yearsd ago today when we hit 75, not that far away today. now the temperatures falling. pittsburgh 59, detroit 37. charleston 62, indianapolis 28. the news gets colder more to the north and west, lots of single numbers and below zero. that is spreading south, then east. the cold air dro
in 1990, nelson mandela set foot in america for the very first time. an 8 city tour starting in new york. it was magical. it was as if malcolm and martin were still alive and the nets had won the world series all in new york all in one day. mandela spoke at yankee stadium. >> you now know who i am. i am a yankee! >> reporter: for many then as now it wasn't so much his or tear skills but the aur ra of his story that inspired. a story so familiar and inter twined with america, and still so very painful. the anti-apartheid protest of the 80s cap vated a new generation on colleges and communities. amidst the demonstrations demanding dye vestment in south africa here was the on going violence there in townships. it took the story of one man to help america better understand the struggle of one nation. mandela reminded the world reconciliation was more powerful than revenge. forgiveness is a gift to be given. the boldness of his vision empowered america. >> i said didn't you hate those people once they let you go? he said briefly they did but when i was walking out of my compound i said to mys
of the rockies, teens in kansas city, look how warm it is hugging the coast in the warm sector of this system. today a cold front will drop in the area and temperatures will drop and fall. wind shouldn't be too bad, it will be breezy and we will quiet things overnight. we're not going to be getting this wintry mix but low-pressure will develop along the south side of this whole thing and head our way late in the weekend. we could see snow, freezing rain and then rain on sunday and it could make for some treacherous travel from time to time, especially between about 9-a and 6-p. for tonight, rain showers will be expected but it is going to end before you walk up tomorrow. watch for decreasing cloudiness, not a whole heck of a lot. temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s. sunday will be a one tree mix. just rain on monday and we could finish everything some snow showers on tuesday morning and stay much, much colder for the middle of next week. in fact, high temperatures around the freezing mark. for now, let's go to traffic with amanda. >> already a busy morning commute. major problems for com
vansant. artists recorded sun city in 1985 to support the boycott of south africa. years afterwards, after he won freedom for himself and his nation, the burdens of office were lightened for mandela by the occasional presence of entertainers. for michael jackson -- for the spice girls. >> this town which understands star culture, how did they see nelson mandela? >> he was the ultimate star? he is -- a hero, he is a flesh and blood hero, alive in our time. >> the entire entertainment community saw in him, a man they yearned to i've de eed to i'ved. >> you are saying to get your picture taken with nelson mandela was the ultimate tribute for a hollywood producer? >> definitely. meant your heart, spirit and conscience was in the right place. >> even in a resolutely ironic age. man dem la's life, a hollywood touch stone. never massive at the box office. yet compelling. a hero for and of his time. that so many seem to chronicle and celebrate. ♪ free nelson mandela i'm chris conley for "nightline" in los angeles. >>> our thanks to chris conley. next, nelson man dem la inspired billions. how did
to new york city. maybe a couple of inches before you see a changeover to freezing rain and eventually rain. the monday morning commute that is probably icy. allow extra time for that. meanwhile, even though the storminess has left the south, the cold is locked in. we're below freezing in dallas. with a freezing fog advisory. it will be awhile until they thaw out. we'll tell you the timing on the thaw, the western chill, the eastern storm. there's plenty of weather. dan? >> thank you, lee. >>> ground zero in this mess is dallas. the airport has turned into a massive shelter for thousands of passengers. abc's mike boettcher is at dallas ft. worth international with the latest. mike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. well, this storm hit here 48 hours ago. if you're a passenger here at dfw airport or just driving to your destination, you're still feeling the effects. the ice fell. but the ice did not melt. a record arctic air blast has kept dallas and ft. worth creeping along. travel is risky. portions of major highways are shut down. i-35 north of dallas is backed up for mil
. an embarrassing loss to the kansas city chiefs at the fedex this afternoon and the head coach is making no commitment about who the starting quarterback will be next week and the team is making no comment about if the coach will be back next week. mike shanahan looked i see on the field. it did not compare to his relationship with the owner. >> rightfully so. a report fromo espn, shanahan was ready to resign and cleaned out his desk before the playoff game. gaveid that schneider preferential treatment to robert griffin iii and undermined shanahan's authority. he responded to the report. >> it is not the right time to comment on my relationship with schneider or talk about this. i'll get a chance to talk at the end of the season. >> griffin did not take too kindly to being asked about shanahan. but it is not relevant to the football game or my life. that is my answer to that. it is ridiculous. special teams allowed a punt return and kickoff return for a touchdown. washington lost 45-10. the team's record is 3-10. >> we are working our tails off. and allheir back 100% of these rumors are
predictively to help power entire cities. so the turbines of today... will power us all... into the future. ♪ >>> believe it or not, congress may be reaching a budget deal with relative ease. and the battle ahead oaf the living wage. that's next. over minimum wage. that's next. >>> we can't survive! >> all: on 7.25. >> we can't survive! >> all: on 7.25. >> that was thursday. when workers staged protests at fast food restaurants around the country. it came on the heels of president obama's new push to put economic inequality in the center of our politics. and this week, surprisingly good news on the economy. and congress. abc news jeff zeleny reports. >> reporter: the feeling of economic unease. >> we're on public assistance. we don't want to be. >> reporter: growing across the country. >> keep your burgers keep your fries. >> all: make our wages supersize. >> reporter: president obama capitalizing on the sentiment. and changing the subject from health care. >> we know that people's frustrations run deeper than the most recent political battles. >> reporter: saying income inequality is on
of your education is where it can take you. (now arriving city hospital.) which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation. (next stop financial center.) let's get to work. i get out a lot... except when it's too cold. like the last three weekends. asthma doesn't affect my job... you missed the meeting again last week! it doesn't affect my family. your coughing woke me up again. i wish you'd take me to the park. i don't use my rescue inhaler a lot... depends on what you mean by a lot. coping with asthma isn't controlling it. test your level of control at, then talk to your doctor. there may be more you could do for your asthma. ... through yonder window breaks ... it is the east ... and juliet is the sun ♪ >>> i want to be in the position of calling you to ask whether i would be welcome. the appeal therefore is, don't call me. [ laughter ] i'll call you. [ laughter ] >> nelson mandela showing his humorous side almost ten years ago when he bowed out of public life. >> the public never got enough of him. and this morning, crowds gath
families are up against, cities without the resources to clear the streets. all day long, and we saw one lonely snowplow. over in texas, the weight of the ice and snow brought down the roof of this marina, they cancelled the dallas marathon, our mike boettcher is there and says thousands of families still in the dark. >> a sevenen hour ice storm lef more than 200,000 homes in dallas without power. the culprit? a thick coat of ice on limbs, they snapped and brought down power lines all around the metroplex. >> reporter: tonight utility crews brought in from other states before the storm are working overtime to remove the branches and repair the lines. these freezing temperatures aren't going anywhere any time soon, so this is going to stick around for a bit. the worst of this storm now heading north and east, greeting the residents of the ohio river valley tonight. diane. >> all right, steve osunsami out in the cold. as steve said, thousands of power lines across the country are laird in ice, even one inch can be dangerous for an outage. abc's weather editor ginger zee is tracking the pow
for cities like little rock, the ice that made the roads dangerous, it looks like snow. but it is definitely hard as ice. and with temperatures not expected to rise much above 30 degrees over the next few days, it could be here for some time. david. >> what a scene, steve. thank you. to the scene playing out at dallas airport. the weather so bad, passengers slept on a parked plane overnight. tonight many still sitting in the terminals, hundreds of cancellations, as we're on the air. mike boettcher is right there. >> reporter: at the dallas ft. worth airport more than 3,000 passengers stranded overnight. terminals packed with passengers sleeping on cots or anywhere they could. the airport trying to make the best out of 400 flight cancellations. bringing in entertainment. one woman drawing pictures of passengers trying to bring smiles to the unlucky strangers. >> we are doing caricatures, entertaining while they are waiting for their flight. >> reporter: outside terminals, firemen knocking ice off the roof so it doesn't fall on passengers. on the runways an incoming flight stuck in the ice cau
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